Camelot Alpaca Farm

The small kingdom with the big heart.
Come for a visit and we'll show you the advantages of owning an alpaca farm.
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Thanks for stopping by! We're Sunny & Marshall Bishop and our alpaca farm is located in beautiful Gilmanton, NH.  We run a small alpaca farm and our goals are to grow just a smidge larger so we're able to take care of our alpacas on our own, to the best of our abilities, and to keep improving on our herd. Our beliefs are that the alpaca is an animal that has thus far been underappreciated for its soft, warm, fleece. Their fleece can keep you warm with a hat on your head to a duvet on your bed, it can be nesting for the birds in the spring, and raw fleece can be used in needlefelting applications. The fashion industry is just now recognizing the usefullness of the fiber. We even use the alpaca jelly beans (poop) to fertilize our vineyard and gardern! If you're curous about how all of this could work for you give us a call or send us an email.  Or if you just want to see an alpaca give us a call or come by during our open hours.

Thurs-Sun. 11-5
528 Meadow Pond Rd.
Gilmanton, NH 03227
To:528 Meadow Pond Rd.
Gilmanton, NH 03237
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Open Thurs.- Sun. 11am-5pm
or by appointment.
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We're participating in the Alpaca Open Farm Week-end on Sep. 29/30. Check our 'farm photo' page for details.